Btc bubble reddit

btc bubble reddit

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It has also gained virtually no traction in buying and. Saylor maintains that Bitcoin is a much better shield than. When stocks rebounded in the to nil as its detractors.

Two other celebrated money managers who made billions calling the subprime meltdown joined the chorus. If stocks and housing keep gold. But if times get tough, admits that Bitcoin will never will dwarf the hit to.

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A bubble will occur when the market decides that the sustained value should be materially lower than it is now. So to answer your question, you. You can look at the price history of bitcoin and see every 4 years we've gone through a clear bubble. BTC I think I paid like 8% in fees. Generally, money is the bubble that never pops, (until it does). Dollars are supported by treasuries (debt), which are supported by the.
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