Not your keys not your bitcoins

not your keys not your bitcoins

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It's the address you share with others so they can send you cryptocurrency. It's derived from the private key and is mathematically linked to it. �Not your keys, not your coins� is a popular expression in the world of cryptocurrencies � and a very important one at that. The conclusion summarizes the nature of credit risk borne and not priced by cryptocurrency exchange customers, and the moral hazard this unpriced risk creates.
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  • not your keys not your bitcoins
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  • not your keys not your bitcoins
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Key Takeaways Owning the private key means you have access to the coins. Exchange Use of Custodial Holdings If the exchange has any rights to use the cryptocurrency, such as lending it out or the associated staking rights, that would only strengthen the case for it being property of the estate. An issue not likely to arise under U.